The role of the catechist is an essential one in the formation of Christian disciples, the mission of the Church. Catechists are considered to be minsters of the Word, an official part of the Church! Therefore, it is necessary for catechists to have a good understanding of the material they teach as well as the techniques for teaching it.

We ask all our catechists to try to the best of their ability to work toward certification.  We promise to support your efforts by offering as much as possible here at the parish.  We will also regularly update you on archdiocesan opportunities for formation.

Catechist - A Catechist is a volunteer who teaches the Faith of the Catholic Church by both word and example. Anyone who loves to share his/her faith through teaching in a classroom environment, who wishes to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and Church, who wants to be in communion with the Catholic Church, and who is willing to work on a team and collaborate for the good of the parish can and should be a Catechist! 

Paraclete - From Greek, the word Paraclete can be translated into English to mean counselor, helper, and advocate. Anyone who likes children, young adults, or adults, who is willing and able to share their personal faith story and journey, and who is organized and enthusiastic about the parish would make a great Paraclete.