You are Not Meant to Endure Cancer Alone

CanCare is a network of trained volunteers including cancer survivors, family members of cancer survivors and medical professionals who provide emotional support, information and resources to others facing cancer. All services are free of charge. CanCare trains groups of volunteers up to five times a year in Texas, Georgia and Colorado. The training course is broken up over three days and is designed to prepare volunteers to help others cope with the physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual aspects of their cancer experience. Following this training, volunteers may attend continuing education and support opportunities to learn more about cancer and the needs of cancer patients and their families.

What We Do

Support for Cancer Patients Cancer survivors of more than 75 different types of cancer volunteer for CanCare and provide free and confidential emotional support and resources to those currently facing a battle with cancer. A patient is matched with a CanCare volunteer based on a variety of criteria including cancer site, treatments, age and gender. Support is provided over the phone and through email. Support for Family Members If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer and you need someone to talk to or need practical advice, CanCare can connect you with a family member of a cancer survivor. Hospital Visitation Programs CanCare volunteers regularly visit cancer patients in hospitals through our Hospital Visitation Program. Our volunteers help patients and their family members feel cared for, by serving as a partner to the medical team and offering emotional support beyond their medical needs.