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Get Involved

Learn about the different ministries, apostolates, prayer groups and organizations to get involved in the parish life.

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Parish Life

Follow all the Parish events  through out the year and discover multiples activities you can take part in to join our community.

Serving the church

First Serve Ministries are those that you, as a parishioner, may want to do to get connected to your church. You may not have been part of a ministry before, so you are offering some of your valuable time to serve your parish. These ministries usually do not require lots of time just your commitment and willingness to serve Him.


Are those ministries in which we are discerning what God has called us to do.

They are an opportunity for individuals and/or couples to be part of a small group within the parish. These are all catholic in nature but may target a specific type of parishioner, such as women, men, couples, etc.

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