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Learn about the different ministries, apostolates, prayer groups and organizations to get involved in the parish life.

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To serve others is the greatest gift to give one another. Together we can make an impact in someone else's life by helping those in need or gathering around to celebrate our religious devotions and our community in various ways. Find an event or a list of services and sign up today.

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Ministries are those that you, as a parishioner, may want to do to get connected to your church. You may not have been part of a ministry before, so you are offering some of your valuable time to serve your parish. These ministries usually do not require lots of time just your commitment and willingness to serve Him.

Communities & Organizations




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How to join our Community?

SAfe Haven Online Training

Whether you want to join one of our Ministry, Communities & Organization or Activity group, this training is required for all ministries and SSJ groups.

What is SAfe Heaven Training?


All new employees and volunteers will complete the Safe Haven online training program instead of VIRTUS PGC training. The turnaround time for approval may be approximately two weeks or less.

  • All individuals must complete the training and complete a background check prior to the start of employment and/or volunteer service.

  • The 5-year anniversary date is still in place, individuals who recently attended VIRTUS will not be due to complete refresher trainings until they have met their 5-year anniversary date.

  • As the 5-year anniversary date is met, individuals will need to log into CMGConnect with their previous personal VIRTUS user id and 1234 as the password. Once the individual logs into their CMGConnect account, they will be able to change their password. If they do not remember the user id, they may contact the contacts provided bellow. 

Go To Safe Haven Online Training & Background Check


New to training?

Create an account by completing all the boxes under “register for a new account.”

This includes address, primary parish, and how you participate at your parish.


If you have questions, please contact your Safe Haven Coordinator below.

Previous Virtus training?

Click the green “sign in here” button in the upper right corner of the page and use your Virtus username and password: 1234.

Once signed in you can update your password and any additional information.

Safe Haven Coordinator:

Note: The training will remain in progress until your background check is processed and reviewed by the Archdiocese.

This can take up to 7-10 business days.



Susan Aguilera - 281-367-9885 ext. 103 or
Daphne Woods
 - 800.228.6108 ext. 2375 or
CMG at

Archdiocese Of Galveston-Houston (Child & Youth Protection Safe Environment Training)

SSJ Five Commissions

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All of the Saint Simon and Jude parish ministries, organizations and small communities fall under one of the five commission areas. Each commission area is represented by one or two parishioners and a staff person as part of the Pastoral Council for the church. This group of individuals help Fr. Pat move the priorities toward the mission of the church through communication to their commission group.



The life of a “Christian Steward”
models the life of Jesus, and we commit ourselves to totally following Christ and answering “yes!” To the vocation and talents God has given us. Stewardship
for eternity.

State of the Parish 2023




We need to know God and understand Him and his ways, to promote lifelong growth in the knowledge, live the creed and share our faith.

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We need the help and support of others to grow spiritually. We need to promote LOVE, with a welcoming environment to instill a sense of belonging and engagement in our parish community

and families.

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We must dedicate ourselves to the service of god. We serve God by the way we live, we serve by serving one another.

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Develop a personal relationship with God through worship, prayer, and reflection.

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