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Red Cross

The Red Cross ministry offers an invaluable opportunity for our parishioners to extend their compassion beyond our church walls...

Red Cross

The Red Cross Ministry will host a tour and training on June 10 | 9 AM
Followed by a simulation on July 22 | 9 AM

SSJ American Red Cross (ARC) Shelter Team Tour, Training & Disaster Simulation

Hurricane Season is Upon Us and Sts. Simon & Jude is looking for Many Good Volunteers!

Registration, Kitchen, Communication, Cleaning, Medical, and Dormitory; are all areas in which it takes many many people to manage and volunteer.

Do you like to help others in a crisis? Does your heart feel full when you do help?

Do you have skills in keeping others calm OR cooking OR cleaning, OR just plan enthusiasm in making others comfortable?

Then, we want YOU as an SSJ Shelter Volunteer!

We have many different areas to choose from: Registration, Kitchen, Communication, Medical, Dormitory, etc.

We have two great ways to see if this is the perfect 'FIT' for You!

SSJ Shelter Tour & Training - Done by the American Red Cross - Saturday, June 10, 9am-1pm
Once you are trained, we want you to have the opportunity to try out your new skills at the disaster shelter simulation on Saturday, July 22, 9am - 12pm.
To sign up for the Tour &Training, click Below or for more information email: Christine Chapman,

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