·         Communication Team-  this team works on the development of an overall strategy and implementation of a campus communication plan as well as a multi-media plan (bulletin, FlockNotes, FaceBook, Twitter, more.)  This group will also serve as a consultative body for parish wide special communication projects.  We could use the help of individuals with backgrounds in the use of media, software, IT design, marketing, communication, art & design, and more. Megan Jordan jordanm@ssjwoodlands.com

·         Facilities Development & Management- This team works with the development of a campus plan, as well as building and maintenance strategy.  In addition, there is a need for help with the day to day maintenance of campus buildings and grounds.  IT help is also requested to work with audio visual setups for meetings and events. Brian Leonard,  leonardb@ssjwoodlands.com

·         Parish Office Support - Help us with a variety of office work in different levels of responsibility and commitment such as:  copies, organization of supplies, phone calls, document management, data entry, process and training, and many more. Donna Cox,  coxd@ssjwoodlands.com