·         Assistant Small Group Leaders (7th-12th) – Assistant Small Group Leaders will help to facilitate the group discussions each week, but will not be required to give large-group presentations. Victoria Templeton,

·         Catechist (5th - 12th) - A Catechist is a volunteer who teaches the Faith of the Catholic Church by both word and example.  Anyone who loves to share his/her faith through teaching in a classroom environment, who wishes to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and Church, who wants to be in communion with the Catholic Church, and who is willing to work on a team and collaborate for the good of the parish can be a Catechist! Victoria Templeton,

·         Catechist Aide (5th - 6th) – A Catechist Aide is an important volunteer who works with children in CCE for a year, and assists the Catechist. Anyone who is would like to impart the faith to the children of our parish, while growing in their own faith would be a great Catechist Aide. Victoria Templeton,

·         Parent Team (7th - 12th)– The Parent Team is a group of adult volunteers who want to assist in youth ministry in a capacity other than being a catechist or a small group leader. Parent Team provides food for Faith Formation and events, helps with event transportation, hall monitoring, fundraising and other needs of the ministry. Victoria Templeton,

·         Small Group Leaders (7th-12th) – Small Group Leaders will be the main “catechists” for the high school youth. Each Sunday they will engage the teens in conversation about the topic for the week, and help them to see how it applies to and affects their lives. Small Group Leaders will also occasionally give large-group talks over catechetical topics. Victoria Templeton,