High School Youth Ministry (9th-12th)


For more information about high school youth ministry, please contact our Youth Ministry Coordinator, Nicole Ducharme at ducharmen@ssjwoodlands.com.

Faith Formation

High School faith formation classes are running from 4:00- 5:30 pm on Sundays, are program is a four semester cycle. We focus on prayer, morality, the profession of faith and life in Christ. We have a dynamic program that includes fellowship fun and comprehensive Youth Ministry.

OPTIONAL Youth Ministry

12:2 is the 9th-12th grade optional meeting night on Wednesday nights during the school year (starting August 24) running from 6:00-8:00 pm. This programs allows for further community building and going deeper into the Catholic faith.


CONFIRMATION at SSJ is normally done in the junior year of high school (11th grade), but preparation begins in sophomore year (10th). All students must be in the Confirmation program for two years and meet all of the requirements in order to be adequately prepared for the sacrament. Please see the Confirmation requirement handout  for more information!

Classes are held on Sundays during Faith Formation classes.



$100 Deposit due Feb. 12th

$125 2nd Payment due May 12th


Catholic Heart Work Camp

Facebook Link to Catholic HEART Workcamp.

**Some or all of the final payment may be covered by helping with our fundraisers

Inspiring teens to take ownership of their faith and become true disciples of Jesus Christ.