·         Baptism (ages 6 or under) Preparation Team – The Sacrament of Baptism is an opportunity to welcome our children and their families into the Church through this precious Sacrament of Initiation. Join our team to assist in all aspects of preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism. Katie Kozak,

·         Catechist (Pre K – 4th) - A Catechist is a volunteer who teaches the Faith of the Catholic Church by both word and example.  Anyone who loves to share his/her faith through teaching in a classroom environment, who wishes to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and Church, who wants to be in communion with the Catholic Church, and who is willing to work on a team and collaborate for the good of the parish can be a Catechist! Katie Kozak,, Catechist Aide (Pre K - 4th) – A Catechist Aide is an important volunteer who works with children in CCE for a year, and assists the Catechist. Anyone who is would like to impart the faith to the children of our parish, while growing in their own faith would be a great Catechist Aide.  Katie Kozak,

·         Children's Liturgy of the Word - When we facilitate the Liturgy of the Word with children, we are trying to:

o   Help children to have an age-appropriate experience of the Liturgy of the Word.

o   Help children to apply the Word of God to their own experiences and actions.

o   Help children to become closer to God.

o   Help children to learn how to participate, both internally and externally, in the celebration of the Mass.

o   We need volunteers to help us provide an age-appropriate liturgical experience for our children. Leaders are trained as lectors to proclaim the Word and assistants help the leaders in managing the room. We are looking especially for volunteers at the 5:45 pm Mass so we can expand this ministry.  Training, support, and mentoringwill be provided. John Yantosca, or Michelle Charnisky,

·         Family Life Council- Energize our Community of Faith by Connecting Families to Create Disciples. The newly appointed Family Council is eager and excited to bring together families in our Parish.  Some of the events we have sponsored are Mardi Gras, Divine Mercy Sunday, Vacation Bible School, The Back to School Bash and we anticipate more in the coming year.  Please join us for fun, fellowship and catechetical opportunities.  Chairs:  Robbie and Rina Villarreal,

·         Sacramental Preparation (1st Eucharist & 1st Reconciliation) – First Reconciliation and First Eucharist gives us a chance to help students continue their journey of faith as they receive their next Sacrament of Initiation. Join our team and experience an amazing opportunity to assist and celebrate with our students as they prepare to receive these two great Sacraments. Katie Kozak,

·         Tiny Catholics Nursery- A faith-based nursery offering tender loving care for your tiny little Catholics, 3 months to 4 years at the 9:30 and 11:30 Sunday Masses. Kaye Heinen, 713-992-1673

·         Tiny Catholic Playgroup - Provides fellowship and support for mothers and playmates for their children.  Parents and children meet each Wednesday at 10am in the nursery.  Louisa Ackley,