After Mass Fellowship Committee – We are looking for new members who would like to encourage fellow parishioners to mix and mingle after Mass.  We also provide opportunities to discover all of the wonderful ministries available to our SSJ Parish community. Debbie Tripp


Camera Club- We are simply a group of great people who love photography and with others.  We come from different backgrounds and have different photographic interests, but we have one thing in common; we all love to learn more about taking better pictures.  Herb Sommer,


Catholic Business Forum - is a monthly luncheon for business people from all backgrounds.  This is a way to develop spiritual strength and application through sharing common concerns with living our faith in the workplace.  Each month there is a scheduled speaker who talks about living our Catholic faith throughout the week (not just on Sundays) at home and in our careers.  The speaker often relates how they utilize tools and actions that assist them in their daily/businesslife in becoming a stronger follower of Christ, helping us on our own journey.  All Catholics engaged in the business world are invited to attend.  We meet on the second Thursday of each month from 11:30 amto 1:00 pm at Cilantro’s Mexican Restaurant on Sawdust Rd., near I-45. Look for more information on scheduled speakers/topics on our parish web site.  Pat Perry,

Dinner Group – SSJ Dinner Club is a fellowship activity providing parishioners with an exciting chance to meet new folks and make new friends.  If you love to meet and socialize, enjoy a great meal, and have some fun, this activity is for you! Holly Steinke,


Fall Saint's Festival – Is our annual parish festival. It is a great opportunity for individuals, ministries and groups to get involved by participatingin a parish wide day of fellowship, fun and food. 


Food Hospitality Ministry –  The Food Hospitality Ministry is a group of faithful volunteers who offer that foundation for fellowship.  We provide the opportunity to eat and drink, in the social venue, before, during, or after any major event at this church.  Volunteers are called via a general notice on Flocknote, asking for help during scheduled events.  You will be given a two week advance notice and are asked to respond in fulfilling whatever position, food, or service that is needed for an upcoming event.  We meet in the kitchen for set up, sometimes cooking, service of food, and clean up duties.  We use both campus kitchens, Domec kitchen and Elizabeth kitchen (event center).  Kitchen training is a mandatory experience for all ministries using the kitchens.  Come join us for the fun and fellowship.  Maxine Mueller,


Marriage Encounter – A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend could be THE weekend for the two of you to reconnect and revitalize your marriage. It is an experience guided by couples and a priest who help you to rediscover your dreams, rekindle your romance and become more aware of God’s desire for your marriage.  Away from the distractions of everyday life, each couple has the time to focus on each other, and learn new ways of communicating more effectively in a private, positive atmosphere. WWME provides an opportunity for you and your spouse to explore your relationship together and find ways to make it stronger and more fulfilling for a lifetime – blessings that spill over to your family, friends, and parish community. Reed & Lisa Hughes.


Mass Greeters – We are looking for people to be present at Church entrances before and after each Mass to represent Sts. Simon and Jude and enhance the Sunday experience. Your smiling faces are the welcome we want to extend to all who are attending Mass. Debe Leone,


Parking Team – Below is a description about the Sts. Simon & Jude Parking Team. We need 45 minutes of your time before the 9:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m. Masses keeping cars from going the wrong way down rows, shuttling people up to the Church on the golf cart, directing cars where to exit the church parking lot. Richie Spurlock,, or Johnny Hennigan, 832-563-8772.

Prepare and Enrich – For premarital and newlywed couples, marriage mentor couples provide helpful role models during the premarital stage and first year of marriage.  For Marriage Mentors, investing in other couples can be an enriching experience for their own marriage. Reed & Lisa Hughes,


Tiny Catholics Nursery- A faith-based nursery offering tender loving care for your tiny little Catholics, 3 months to 4 years at the 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Sunday Masses. Kaye Heinen, 713-992-1673


Tiny Catholic Playgroup - Provides fellowship and support for mothers and playmates for their children.  Parents and children meet each Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the nursery.  Louisa Ackley,


Welcoming New Parishioners - If you enjoy meeting new people and are excited about sharing all the great things happening in our parish, this just might be a good fit for you. Monthly, we make welcoming phone calls and host a ‘Lunch with Pastor’ providing new parishioners a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted while enjoying lunch with Father Pat. Bobbie Torguson,