A summer couples series

Tuesdays: July 9, 16, 23 & 30

6:45pm -9:30pm in Domec Hall ( 6:00pm Meal)




  • Intimate Communication

  • Growing Through the Life Cycle

  • Sustaining Commitment

  • Guiding the Domestic Church


Like the vocation of Holy Orders, Marriage is a sacrament essential to the life of the Church.  When you make some quality time to enjoy each other and to fortify your unity,
you express the 
Forever of your wedding vows. Our 4-session series will include a meal, prayer, engaging presentations, and some private, couple conversation time.

 Limited childcare available with per-registration
$10 per child, $15 for two or more


Presenters: Charlie and Beth Balsam.
Married 43 years, Beth and Charlie have been offering marriage and family enrichment for 30 years. Former Liguori Publication authors, they have served the Church in Beaumont and Austin. Before returning to ministry, as founder of Jason Deli Leadership Institute, he and Beth gave 22 couples weekends for managers and corporate personnel. Charlie is coordinator of Lifelong Learning and Adult Faith at SSJ.


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For Better, For Worse Forever is an offering of Lifelong Learning and Adult Faith Formation, which is partially funded by the tithes of SSJ parishioners.