With over 3800 families in our community, Saint Simon & Jude enjoys serving each person as best it can. Registering to become a member of the parish keeps us informed on who is calling us home and most importantly, keeps you informed through a parish updates. If you are also interested in any ministries on participating in parish groups, please check out the Get Involved Section.

Online Giving

The Faith Direct program allows you to support our Sts. Simon and Jude parish through automatic debits from your bank account or charges to your credit/debit card. Click here to learn how the program works.

Electronic giving through Faith Direct benefits both you and our parish! Click here to learn more…

Once upon a time, people supported their church through gifts of livestock and produce. These days, the use of checks and even cash is on the decline. Join the Faith Direct eGiving program today and help your church develop this new way of giving!




We have a tremendous community here. And we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for every one of you to be involved and connected to it all.  

So, we’ve adopted a new and improved way of communicating that will make it much simpler for you to get the information you want from us! It’s powered by a service called Flocknote. Like sending a "note" to your "flock". Flocknote.  

This is all totally free for you to use, you don’t even have to download anything or create a password in order to participate. You just take a couple minutes to sign up and it lets you receive email or text messages from the groups and ministries that you choose. It even allows you to reply directly back to those messages so we can get feedback and hear from you in an efficient manner.  

Your info is kept totally private and, again, it lets you choose precisely which groups and ministries you want to get email and text messages from.  In addition to regular group and ministry communication, we’ll also use this to send you important updates about special events coming up, inclement weather announcements, and the weekly bulletin.

 And it’s important for you to know that you can update your communication preferences or unsubscribe from any of these updates at any time!

There areTwo ways to connect:




 Text SIMON to 84576

from your cell phone to subscribe to updates.


Newcomer Lunch

All new member.....Our Welcome committee will contact you when you register for a monthly Lunch with the Pastor.