Faith Formation, Small Groups, Sacramental Preparation

Make Disciples by promoting lifelong growth in the knowledge and sharing of our faith.

                                        Chairs: Begonia Fernandez,                                               Felipe Macias,


Children, Teens and Adults (support teams, catechists, facilitators)

Catechist (Pre K - 4th) - Katie Kozak,

Catechist Aide (Pre K - 4th) Katie Kozak,

Parent Team (5th - 12th) - Nicole Ducharme

Small Group Leaders (adolescents)
Assistant Small Group Leaders - Nicole Ducharme

Children's Liturgy of the Word John Yantosca,  or  Michelle Charnisky,

St. Jerome Library -  Joanne Yantosca,

Adult Scripture StudyBill Grattendick,

Spanish Scripture StudyGaby Cadena,


Baptism (ages 6 or under) Preparation Team - Katie Kozak,

1st Eucharist & 1st Reconciliation for children - Katie Kozak, 

Teen Confirmation Team - Nicole Ducharme,

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (and Children age 7 and above) - Katie Kozak

Adult Confirmation Team - Katie Kozak,