Administrative/Office Support, Facilities, Reporting, Stewardship, Technology

Committee Chairs: Tony Wallace, and Rich Eimer,


Building and Grounds Team - Brian Leonard

Parish Office Support - variety of office work in different levels of responsibility and commitment such as: copies, organization of supplies, phone calls, document management, data entry, process and training, and many more. Alyssa Minchew,

Technology Development TeamBrian Leonard



Monday Morning Money Counters - weekly counting of the weekend offertory collection. Counting is done every Monday. There are 4 counters to a team. If you are retired, or maybe the kids are in school during the day, this is a great ministry for you. LuAnn Galik,


Recruitment and Support of Ministers


“As with all things pertaining to the Gospel, stewardship is fundamentally the work of the Spirit in our lives.  When we accept our lives as sheer gifts, the Spirit can use us as apt instruments for spreading the Gospel.  Wherever the Spirit works, there is joy.  Stewardship, then is all encompassing.  It is, ultimately, the pull and the power of the Gospel come alive in our times and circumstances.” U.S. Bishop’s Letter on Stewardship

Financial Stewardship develops our parish contributions, especially looking toward an idea of progressive giving. Rich Eimer,

Ministerial Vocation develops growth and formation for our ministries, focusing on a deeper relationship with Christ and Church, through parish life. Nannette Coons,

Professional Vocation concerned with fostering a sense of Catholic Christian response in the workplace. Pat Perry,

Religious and Life Vocation supports vocations through prayer and activities in the parish and throughout the Diocese. Our goal is to help make Sts. Simon and Jude Parish aware we are all called to a vocation be it through religious life, our professional life, or in our marriage. The Vocations Ministry meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in Room Three. Mary Weaver,