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Change your life by connecting with others in your Parish community to develop personal, spiritual relationship.

Develop your relationship with God.
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As a community, it is important that Christians encourage and challenge each other in our faith journeys. Small groups are one vehicle for this kind of fellowship.

SSJ Small Groups this Lent are encouraged to use Matthew Kelly’s The Biggest Lie…. The chapters, usually 3 or 4 pages in length, are concisely written, insightful, and evocative. Kelly challenges us to look at our experience of Jesus and the universal call to holiness – especially the lie that holiness is not possible in today’s world.

The 5-session Lenten framework involves reading three chapters at-a-time. In preparation for the first meeting, we recommend reading chapters 1, 2 and 3.  Personal reflection questions are provided as an optional aid to answering the discussion questions provided for each small group gathering.

We hope for prayerful, stimulating, meaningful conversations within our groups. Suggested action steps are offered for undoing the lie in our own lives.

Perhaps one Lenten sacrifice can be to commit to participate in each session if possible. This will strengthen discipleship and fellowship at SSJ as we carry out Jesus’ mission to create “Holy Moments,” so as to make him known in our world.