A parish pastoral council is the chef consultative body to the pastor. Consultation is a sharing of wisdom that enables the parish to carry out its mission. The pastoral council discerns issues that impact the lives of parishioners; prays, studies and discusses those issues; and recommends practical ways of addressing them. In addition, the Council works in Commission groups with parish ministers who carry out the planning and implementation of parish ministry. As a part of their responsibility, council members are open to hearing questions, opinions and suggestions from parishioners on all matters related to parish life. 

Each member also serves as a liaison to one of the parish Commissions.

Stephen Bauer, Council Chair

ADMINISTRATION COMMISSION - Tony Wallace and Rich Eimer, Co-Chair

KNOW COMMISSION - Begonia Fernandez and Felipe Macias, Co-Chair

LOVE COMMISSION - Marta Genthon and Gaby Cadena, Co-Chair

SERVE COMMISSION - Deacon Joe Mignogna and Maria Roces, Co-Chair