STS SIMON &JUDE event center has been approved this year 2016 as a Red Cross Shelter to be used in case of a disaster like the recent floods.

Sts. Simon and Jude will be operating our Event Center in partnership with the Red Cross. We are approved to house up to 200 people however we are only going to start with 50 so we can learn as we go along. 

To begin the process interested parishioners should sign up with Red Cross at connection. Register and complete the application for the back ground check. Once that is completed please submit and go no further. They will be notified of passing so please let me know and I will have Red Cross remove them from their data base and assign them to the SSJ Team. 


We Need Volunteers 

Shift Supervisors




We give training


Help to make a difference


Upcoming Training dates 

Feeding - coming soon

Registration - coming soon

Shelter Simulation - coming soon

More information contact Jim Burkett