How often to you read the Bible? A little bit, a lot, not at all??  Looking for a great New Year’s resolution or addition to your Lenten sacrifice.

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We are starting a new scripture study beginning the first week in January. It is reading, not studying, the Bible in 90 days. In conjunction with Lord of Life Lutheran Church we will be offering it at four times during the week. While the Bible in 90 days is based on using the Protestant Bible we are going to adapt it to include the deuterocanonical books (those additional books in Catholic Bibles) which will add some 15 days.

 The study entails reading about 12 pages of the Bible each day (about 45 min. of just reading with no look at commentary which you can do if you want), meeting on the scheduled day to view a 30 min. video on the weekly readings and have small group discussions on the readings.

 It will be offer at both SSJ & LOL concurrently.

At SSJ: Sun. mornings 9-11am (our regular scripture study time and place), starting on  February 3 and Wed. mornings at 9:30-11am, starting February 6

At LOL: Sun. morning 9:30-11am, starting February 3 and
Thursday nights at 7-8:30pm, starting February 7

People can attend any session during the week.  We will finish before Easter. 


Cost:  NIV Bible (Protestant) and Study Guide - $20. 
Study Guide only - $9.

Sign Up: Using Signup Genius @ or
Contact Bill Grattendick @

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