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Audio Visual Volunteers

Unlock the power of technology and enhance the worship experience as an Audio Visual Volunteer. Join our dedicated team in operating sound systems, managing visual presentations, and creating a seamless audiovisual environment that amplifies the beauty of our liturgies.

Audio Visual Volunteers

Help control the slides on the screens at the front of the church during Mass.

Make sure all the parishioners can see the words to the music or prayer and hear what is being said by the Celebrant, Deacon, Lectors and choir.
Volunteer for the Audio Visual Team and get involved! Training is easy and you can take all the time you need to feel comfortable working the slides.

We're looking for volunteers for the following Masses:
Alternate Sundays at 7:30 am
Weekday Feast Days ONLY -- either 8:30 am or Noon Masses
Alternate Saturdays at 5 pm Mass
Alternate Sundays at 5:45 pm Mass

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