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What is Mission: Apostle II?

  • M: A-II is our two-year parish priority plan that invites YOU, our SSJ Community, to participate in the future of our parish!

How do I get involved?

  • You shared your dreams for SSJ. now! Learn how to make them happen the...


MAY 16 – MAY 19

Come together for our Parish-Wide conference where we will begin to make our dreams for the parish a reality by putting ACTS in Action

  • Join a table dedicated to SSJ's upcoming Projects and Events.

  • Share YOUR dreams for SSJ's Future.

  • Own that dream and make it come true by...

Putting ACTS in Action

What is ACTS in Action?

  • ACTS in Action is how our Parish is going to continue making disciples and develope those disciples into Apostles.

  • Each Letter of ACTS represents a different aspect of our parish's Life:



The way we respond through prayer and worship to receiving God’s gifts of grace, mercy, and love.



The way we live and participate in the One Body of Christ as Church, beginning with the parish.



The way we deepen our relationship with God through prayerful study to better understand and fulfill His will for our lives.



The way we answer the call to discipleship by following the model Christ gave us of serving others.

How can I put ACTS in Action?

  • This conference is just the first step. We are going to come together table by table to dream up our future for the parish with A.C.T.S. in mind!​

ACTS in Action Agenda​

MAY 16: Night One

Dinner 6 p.m. | Encounter Night 7 p.m.

  • We begin in Adoration with a Dinner followed by Encounter Night, an encounter with Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist with Praise and Worship with Chris Nolan and the Worship Band

May 17: Night Two

Dinner 6 p.m. | Conference Night 7 p.m.

  • Dinner will hosted by Olive Garden followed by the beginning of our parish-wide conference. A chance to meet your table and engage in community


May 18: Day Three

Mass 8:30 a.m. | Conference Day 9:30 a.m.

  • John Poitevent of Great Catholic Parishes will join us to facilitate our Parish as we lay out our ACTS in Action Plan.


May 19: Day Four

Come & Discover after all Masses

  • A chance to feature what participants in the ACTS in Action conference dreamed up for our Parish's future Projects and Events.



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