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Our 2022-2023 Season of Giving
Exceeded our $150,000 Goal!

Your Treasure supported the following projects this past year:

  • Remodeling rooms 11-17 for the new Mother’s Day Out program – Rise & Shine

  • Updated lighting in courtyard and parking lot

  • Remodeling of the Cry Room

  • Creation and remodeling for the new SSJ Store in room 3 and the Jerome library

  • Renovation of the landscaping and addition of butterfly garden at church entrance

  • New plaza awnings and additional furniture

Our 2023-2024 Season of Giving Goal is: $200,000

With your generous support, we will continue to bring forth more opportunities in which fellow parishioners can be inspired, encouraged, and have spaces to grow in their faith with Jesus Christ.

  • Installing a playground for children 2-5 years of age

  • Creating a Memorial Garden outside the north entrance of the church

  • Enhancing the Sanctuary and furniture

  • Updating the confessionals


God asks each of us to spend time in prayer, use our talents to serve in the church and give of our financial support in order that we may be good stewards of all the gifts He has given us. The Season of Giving provides us an opportunity to share our treasures through projects meant to inspire, encourage, and welcome all parishioners in their journey with Jesus Christ our Savior. 

Some of those projects will be:

  • Sanctuary remodel and new furniture

  • New playground equipment

  • Memorial garden

  • Updated confessionals


Giving of YOUR treasure TODAY will help your parish reach its $200,000 goal and will return God’s gift back to Him with increase!

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