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Servant Leaders

Serving others prepares you to lead others. - Jim George


Activities | Events

Are those activities, on the parish campus, where parishioners, volunteers and community members are invited to fellowship and serve together. 

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First Serve Ministries

Ministries that are easy to become a part of and often the first ministries a person joins when they become a parishioner.

Liturgical | Altar Servers | Hospitality


Groups that are that are a part of the parish and also charted through the church and may be part of a larger nationally known organization.

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Stained Glass


An opportunity for individuals and/or couples to be part of a small group within the parish. These are all catholic in nature but may target a specific type of parishioner, such as women, men, couples, etc.

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Groups of individuals that practice and promote a Catholic devotion that helps strengthen and spread the faith through prayer.

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Vocational Ministries

Are those ministries in which we are discerning what God has called us to do.

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