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Missionary Families for Christ

For every Catholic to meet Christ, to live Christ and to share Christ. A one day retreat, twice
a year led by Missionary Families of Christ, is a great opportunity for the whole family to
spend a day together and help them to get closer to God.

Missionary Families for Christ

Live Christ Share Christ Reunion Aug 26, 2023
Saturday at Domec hall.
Starts with a mass at 8:30am to 2pm.

Missionary Families of Christ ( MFC )
Praise fest July 8 Saturday at Domec hall from 1pm to 5 pm

A Live Christ, Share Christ for SSJ Youth and Teens will be coming soon! Dates to be determined soon!

Top Learn More, Contact:
Pat | 281 221 2147
Pepito | 281 660 0588, email

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